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Christmas humor – A massive dump of funny pictures

Christmas humor

Christmas humor – Did you know that around 2 billion people celebrate Christmas every year? It comes as no surprise then that around this time of the year it seems almost impossible to escape the “Jingle Jingle” propaganda that takes over your favorite WebPages and social Medias. Brace yourselves, as this phenomenon can start up to two months before the ... Read More »

Christmas humor – A wild collection of Christmas funnies

wreck the tree and blame the doggies at

Christmas humor – It’s December 24th, and for all of those concerned by this epic festivity, Chillax mode should be fully switched on by now, and you should be fueling up on positive vibes in order for the latter to shortly reach its peak. Indeed, rare are the days when you can truly allow yourselves to put every inconvenience aside, ... Read More »

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