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Christmas humor – A massive dump of funny pictures

Christmas humor – Did you know that around 2 billion people celebrate Christmas every year? It comes as no surprise then that around this time of the year it seems almost impossible to escape the “Jingle Jingle” propaganda that takes over your favorite WebPages and social Medias.
Brace yourselves, as this phenomenon can start up to two months before the actual celebration itself (Not to mention that as years go by – sadly – things don’t seem to be getting any better, as this year for example we have stumbled upon Christmas related posts as early as September), and you’d be way out to lunch and in for quite a surprise if you expected to see it suddenly stop after December 26th. Indeed, it’s not rare to see Christmas content online drag on for an extra month when you then end up suffering the fatal Christmas/new year combo…

Anyway, call us “old school” but as far as we are concerned, we’ve waited wisely until today, December 24th” to share with you our yearly selection of funny Christmas pics, but in counterpart please be advised that once more the latter is quite massive!

Less talk, more action… the PMSLweb team wishes y’all a very merry Christmas and a chortle powered PMSLweb moment!

Christmas humor

What’s your elf name sarcastic humor

Christmas tree O Christmas tree funny meme

I gave up funny Christmas cat meme

My nuts are frozen funny Christmas squirrel cartoon

Ho f*cking ho sarcastic Christmas humor

It’s that time of the year again funny Christmas cat meme

Funny Jesus and Santa imaginary friends cartoon

There can only be one funny Santa meme

Funny Santa ho ho ho gif

Cat knows what his Christmas gift is humor

The sad truth about Christmas these days humor

When you think you’re meeting Satan but you read the sign wrong funny meme

Funny car advisory information – Christmas humor

Visit Santa funny sign fail

Awesome Star Wars Christmas decoration

He sees you when you’re drinking funny sarcastic Christmas decoration

If your gift looks like it was wrapped by a blind T-rex funny meme

Santa loves everyone sarcastic humor

Snowman the flasher funny cartoon

Funny Santa appearance announcement fail – Christmas humor

How did Kevin McAllister’s dad afford this house funny meme

Funny Christmas McDonalds cup fail

Santa knows when his wife is sleeping and when she is awake funny cartoon

Santa making dildos in his workshop funny cartoon

Santa stops in Baltimore funny cartoon

Funny Caitlyn Jenner Christmas billboard – Christmas humor

Funny Cat proof Christmas tree

Funny santa exposed Christmas cartoon

Look what my BF/GF got me for Christmas posts are coming funny meme

Funny show off Christmas decorations

Funny ThePoke Daily mail Christmas edition

Funny farting on your presents album cover – Christmas humor

Merry fucking Christmas sarcastic humor

Pull my cracker bitch sarcastic Christmas humor

What makes a great last minute Christmas gift idea adult humor

Funny rude Christmas greetings

When your uncle decided to play Santa funny meme

Re-gifting Christmas presents humor

Condom santa Claus adult humor

Funny ugly Christmas sweater kit

The perfect Christmas gift for him and her funny meme – Christmas humor

Funny Ninja bread cookie kit

Funny Christmas ornaments for beards

Funny happy whatever doesn’t offend you ornament

Santa helps Jack off a reindeer funny cartoon

Funny Mary and Joseph dank meme

Happy holidays from the dark side gif

Every kid’s first shank funny Christmas meme

Funny corporate American Jesus meme – Christmas humor

This year Christmas falls on Friday the 13th humor

Funny facebook advent calendar post

Santa after too many cookies adult humor

Funny screaming after Christmas painting

Funny naughty Christmas decoration

Her boobs were hung by the chimney funny Christmas cartoon

There are 2 kinds of people when Christmas decorations appear meme

The perfect gift is head funny sign fail – Christmas humor

Funny holiday tip

Adverts before and after Christmas humor

Funny sarcastic Christmas ecard

Christmas is coming funny polar bear meme

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