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Hump day madness – Welcome to the loony zone

Cats looking at humans on the internet meme at

Hump day madness – You are cordially invited on cruise through the tumultuous online waters of the “Wednesday triangle” (also known as the Chuckles triangle). Will you have what it takes to survive the latter, or will your soul disappear under mysterious circumstances? Find out right now by checking out our latest collection of Wednesday funnies. Wishing you a jocular ... Read More »

Hump day madness – When it’s sane to go insane


Hump day madness – Would you believe it but sometimes, the only way to keep a reasonable level of sanity is to occasionally lose it. Keeping that in mind and remembering that Wednesday is known to be the most difficult day of the week, we’ve taken to heart to put together a handful of nutcase funnies; so if you need ... Read More »

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