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Hump day madness – When it’s sane to go insane

Hump day madness – Would you believe it but sometimes, the only way to keep a reasonable level of sanity is to occasionally lose it. Keeping that in mind and remembering that Wednesday is known to be the most difficult day of the week, we’ve taken to heart to put together a handful of nutcase funnies; so if you need a quick fix please feel free.

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

Dickhouse gif – Hump day madness at

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Truth behind shaving at

Italian chef who died joke at

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Seeking for human toe at

Win her over with chloroform – Hump day madness at

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White buttcream product name fail at

How I lost my husband vintage humor at

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Don’t fall asleep fingering your girlfriend at

American flags on the moon are now white at

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Kevin and his time out tank at

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