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Saturday PMSL – Your weekend chuckle zone

Funny standing in line logic at

Saturday PMSL – For those who have decided to dedicate part of their weekend to recklessly surf the world wide web, jumping from wave to wave without any real precise destination; our virtual chuckle grounds welcome you. Why not take a few minutes to catch a breath, grab a drink (beverage will probably depend on your current time zone, but ... Read More »

Crazy Thursday – Your daily dose of guffaws

If you decide to shut the hell up funny ecard at

Crazy Thursday – We hope that you have made it smoothly to Thor’s weekly milestone, and wish to remind you that things (the most often) only tend to get better as of now (well at least until the end of the weekend, needless to say). Forty eight hours to go before the weekend officially kicks-in ; well, for those concerned, ... Read More »

Hilarious Hump day – A midweek collection of funnies

Funny father’s philosophy at

Hilarious Hump day – Time for you to start working on letting go of some of the ballast that you have unintentionally been building up since the beginning of the week. In order to help you with this frantic – but oh-so necessary – task, we’ve put together a mid week selection of funny pictures, which we hope will contribute ... Read More »

Fun pics – Your daily shipment of online funnies

Funny women in advertising at

Fun pics – Quoting president Dwight D. Eisenhower himself: “A sense of humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done”, and we definitely tend to agree. In most circumstances, humor will turn out to be a top notch asset which combined with wit, will help you win over the heart of ... Read More »

New week funnies – Goodies to enhance your Monday

Cat powered cleaning robot – New week funnies at

New week funnies – Despite the fact that your beloved alarm clock this morning spelled the end of what we hope turned out to be yet another glorious weekend, why not put all the odds on your side in order to make the upcoming week as pleasant and bearable as possible. The keyword you should focus on as from now ... Read More »

Wacky Monday – Starting the week on the right foot

You have the right to remain stupid quote at

Wacky Monday – In order to correctly start the week and turn the latter into a enjoyable and proficient experience, one must take special care into boosting up his mood ASAP. Given that these days, oceans of procrastination matter are only ever one click away, why not allow yourself to succumb to temptation and check out the following… Wishing you ... Read More »

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