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Crazy Thursday – Your daily dose of guffaws

Crazy Thursday – We hope that you have made it smoothly to Thor’s weekly milestone, and wish to remind you that things (the most often) only tend to get better as of now (well at least until the end of the weekend, needless to say). Forty eight hours to go before the weekend officially kicks-in ; well, for those concerned, as weekend workers must seriously start to hate our guts by now, yikes (so sorry peeps)…. And in order to spike up the mood a tad, here’s our daily selection of funnies.

Wishing you a giggle-powered PMSLweb moment!

Funny facebook warning – Crazy Thursday at

Marilyn Manson glasses humor at

Your ex got fat funny cartoon at

Mc Donald’s doesn’t give a damn anymore meme at

Papa smurf has been satisfied demotivational at

Life should be more like hockey ecard – Crazy Thursday at

How women actually look without makeup funny at

Your diaper is showing humor at

I love Spanish funny quote at

What does ternative mean funny at

White people meme at

Hilarious Nemo comment – Crazy Thursday at

Lady sets own wedding and surprises her boyfriend at

Artists whose lyrics have meanings for you at

Jay Z and Che Guevarra fail at

Racist T-shirt fail at

You are somebody’s reason to masturbate at

Funny Australian advertising rivalry – Crazy Thursday at

To the homeless man downtown humor at

Funny bible quoting on Facebook at

Teenage mutant ninja turtles meme at

Everyone gets f*cked during American elections humor at

Being around a fire with friends humor at

Your mother doesn’t like it much either meme – Crazy Thursday at

Creepy guy meme at

What’s your hacker name meme at

If she wants to walk down the aisle humor at

You’re not the brightest crayon in the box humor at

Pedobear has wifi in the van humor – Crazy Thursday at

Bae wants you to come over riots version at

Bae wants you to come over house watch version at

Bae wants you to come over no gas version at

Bae wants you to come over out of gas version at

Grandma come over bae style humor at

Bae come over gymnastic version – Crazy Thursday at

If you decide to shut the hell up funny ecard at

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