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Funny relationship pictures – A happy ever after collection


Funny relationship pictures – Once upon a time mankind discovered a powerful feeling know as love; a sensation of butterflies in your stomach, loss of appetite, sweaty palms, concentration issues and insomnia? Beware; those symptoms indicate that your monoamines are on the loose. Will the latter end up taking you on the craziest roller coaster ride ever…. In all cases ... Read More »

Love humor – A pre-valentine’s day treat

Cat relationship humor at

Love humor – With Valentine’s day coming up at the end of the week – and trust us, we won’t let you down on that one – love is currently in the air, so we decided that in the meantime it could be a nice idea to treat you to some “pre-valentine” goodies. Evidently we’ve also kept the singles in ... Read More »

Him + Her = Love – The well-known equation

him + her = love

Him + Her = Love   Him: For the last time I am telling you that I didn’t come here to get insulted. Her: Then where else do you usually go?     Him: Doesn’t this date make you long for another? Her: Yes, but no one else would come.     Her: By BF could be an even bigger ... Read More »

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