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Monday laughter – Counteracting the Monday prophesy


Monday laughter – The wicked Monday fiends have been unleashed, and while they trust their usual foolproof plan to pan out and therefore cause utter chaos, why not prove them wrong? Humor being the best remedy, punctuating your day with a few sniggers might just take them by surprise and clearly show them that the time has come to GTFO! ... Read More »

Monday lolz – A new week collection of funnies

Atheist mosquito at

Monday lolz – Would you believe it, the sneaky and dreadful day is here once more so , evidently, the time has come for us to whine a tad… or wine actually. Indeed, with so many natural remedies available on the market, why should we deprive ourselves seriously? If ever you’re slightly recalcitrant in to adopting the method we dare ... Read More »

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