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Crazy Sunday – A dominical edition of funnies


Crazy Sunday – Time for us to tie back up that wild hair after letting it loose during 48h, to sit back and relax. While we all know what awaits us tomorrow, during our last hours of procrastination , nothing indicates that the latter must smile-prohibited, so let’s go for it. Wishing you a nice and relaxing PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Sunday Rofl – Why not end your weekend with a smile

Highly illogical Vulcan for dumbass demotivational at

Sunday Rofl – While we hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far and that you’ve dedicated the latter to doing whatever tends to light a smile on your face – even if that meant procrastinating evidently – let’s not wind-up the day too fast.. There’s no rush and Monday can wait. Wishing you a chillax and ... Read More »

Sunday humor – Come and shade a few tears with us

Snoop loops – Sunday humor at

Sunday humor fleshly delivered at your doorstep, because guess what, today we have the giggles! Also today January 26th is Australia day, so “Happy Aussie day” to the entire Down under nation; get the flags out, the snags sizzling, the piss flowing, the livers pumping, and please treat the porcelain telephones with respect will ya! Wishing you a true-blue PMSLweb ... Read More »

Funny Sunday pics – Time to procrastinate

The exorcist happy meal at

A brand new funny Sunday pics collection for you. With what’s awaiting us next week, the best we have to do today is to recharge our batteries; and, in order to do so efficiently, the less we actually end up doing, the better. Fortunately, internet surfing requiring absolutely no effort whatsoever, this can always turn out to be a top ... Read More »

Sunday lolz – Time to celebrate holiday season

Ikea humor at

A collection of Sunday lolz, since in theory the last day of the week should turn out to be far less bitter than usual. The holiday spirit wave is now clearly breaking down on us, allowing the dedicated surfers that we are to execute some of our favorite moves: Bottom turns through majestic beer barrels, Vodka defeating cutbacks or even ... Read More »

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