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TGIF Funniness – Our Friday edition of goodies

I’ve stopped drinking for good humor – TGIF funniness

TGIF Funniness – Our Friday edition of goodies TGIF Funniness – As usual, when Friday suddenly appears on the red carpet, the most notorious day of the week makes a glamorous and sensational entry. Wild but classy, humble but confident, and flirty but faithful could definitely sum him up; and when you ask him who he decided to wear today, ... Read More »

TGIF giggles – Celebrating the WE with a smirk

Woman and not a bird mindblow at

TGIF giggles – Before going any further, congratulations for finally making it to the weekend (hopefully in one piece). For those who have already settled into the latter, we hope that the first hours of the weekend fully fulfill your expectations so far; time will tend to fly by faster than usual during the next 48h, so please attempt to ... Read More »

TGIF chuckles – Thank goodness it’s fun time

It’s not PMS it’s you meme at

TGIF chuckles – Welcome to PMSLweb’s latest edition of Friday funnies. While for some (depending of your time zone) the business week is already a distant fading away memory, most people still have a few hours to pull through before they finally can kick-off their shoes – or trade for more festive footwear – and sermon their inner devils. In ... Read More »

Friday PMSL – When Friday 13th strikes

Mike what day is it Friday 13th meme at

Friday PMSL – Do you consider yourself as being superstitious? Maybe do you have a horseshoe hang up somewhere in the house or a rabbit’s foot in the car, stay clear of opal stones which are said to bring bad luck, never walk under a ladder (mind you that also could be perceived as common sense when you think about ... Read More »

Sarcastic TGIF collection – A gallery of NSFW funnies

PMSLweb TGIF humor – Sarcastic TGIF collection at

Sarcastic TGIF collection – Disclaimer: While the following gallery of sarcastic pics has no other purpose but to entertain those adept of the genre, some of the language featured in the latter could be perceived as offensive to some and not be suitable for the work place (and we wouldn’t want to get you into any trouble would we!). Either ... Read More »

Friday LOL – Grey matter for your funny bone

Sarcastic onion hack at

Friday LOL – Welcome to PMSLweb’s weekend warp zone. Please be aware that all characters/situations appearing in the following post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons/jerks/morons, IRL or Online, is purely coincidental. Proceed at your own risk… Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment! Read More »

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