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Friday PMSL – When Friday 13th strikes

Friday PMSL – Do you consider yourself as being superstitious? Maybe do you have a horseshoe hang up somewhere in the house or a rabbit’s foot in the car, stay clear of opal stones which are said to bring bad luck, never walk under a ladder (mind you that also could be perceived as common sense when you think about it) and run whenever you come across a black cat? Today is the second Friday 13th 2015 has known so far – we will need to wait until next November for the third and last – and some see this specific day as a vector of bad luck, while others in opposition believe it to be synonym of fortune and might be tempted to buy a lottery ticket for instance… in both cases, procrastinating on the web should easily find a place in your Friday equation , so why not stop over to take a peek at our daily collection of funnies, the latter even starts with a tribute to Friday 13th would you believe it …

Wishing you a crazy PMSLweb moment!

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To be continued….

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