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Thank God it’s Friday – Time to polish your funny bone

Thank God it’s Friday - Obviously if you’re reading these lines, the time has come to congratulate yourself for making it though yet another week; so why not reward yourself with a good pat on the back and a few giggles?
For the purists, a few drinks can definitely be in order too, although some will probably still have to wait a few hours before dedicating quality time to their liver.

In all cases, wishing you a delightful & giggle-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Mermaid who works for armed forces
pant fail
sparrow face selfie
blind date with a book
mashed potato machine
you already have an account meme
puking gargoyle
office cardboard castle
what do you do in bed funny
broken scales funny
when I thought I had see it all
swimsuits show everything these days funny
when a girl replies aww thanks meme
looking like jesus funny story
erotic literature for eyaculators
my dads bathroom funny
where not to put a cactus
33 years old justin bieber fan
breaking the seal accepting the license agreement
damn I’m such a hot dog meme
handheld darkness eliminator
sexy picture fail
sexy fat dude
fat woman playing with her boobs gif
bikini girl beach fail gif
so many dam rules
mobs not my kind of boobs
god of walmart croc
punishment win meme
BFF’s funny
my cat is a sociopath
the dishwasher is an art ecard
how to write in Chinese funny
WTF specials menu
turtle is not angry demotivational
painted body art when you see it
in Australia they have rocking emus
finding the cat with the flash on
when boys give you cute nicknames funny

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