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Thanksgiving funnies – A handful of crazy to celebrate

Thanksgiving funnies – The third Thursday of November it is, so the time has come to wish all our American buddies (and others) a very happy and especially merry Thanksgiving! May rivers of booze flow your way, and may the unbuttoning of your pants synchronize melodiously. A little time to spare between two glasses? If yes, keep on scrolling down!

Wishing you a delightful Thanksgiving and a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Thanksgiving funnies

Store bought is fine thanksgiving meme

Let’s celebrate mass genocide Thanksgiving ecard

It’s not Christmas yet humor

Funny justice league Thanksgiving

Sarcastic Thanksgiving ecard

Setting your scales back Thanksgiving ecard

Funny Thanksgiving quote – Thanksgiving funnies

May none of your real feelings slip out Thanksgiving ecard

Thanksgiving sarcasm

Brace yourselves thanksgiving meme

STFU Thanksgiving ecard

Thanksgiving and Christmas funny cartoon

How to cook Turkey Thanksgiving humor

Funny Schwarzenegger Thanksgiving quote

I want to eat a dead bird with you – Thanksgiving funnies

Get your fat pants ready t-shirt

I’d be happy to help wedge stale bread sarcastic ecard

Grandparents at Thanksgiving meme

Thanksgiving wishes from Jabba

Thanksgiving leftovers humor

F*ck you thanksgiving humor

Thanksgiving Turkey humor – Thanksgiving funnies

Funny Jim Gaffigan Thanksgiving quote

Thank evolution Thanksgiving humor

Funny Thanksgiving dinner graph

Funny turducken cartoon

Anatomy of a Thanksgiving dinner – Thanksgiving funnies

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