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Thursday chuckles – Rollicking memes and pictures

Thursday chuckles – If you are of those who are currently finding it hard to focus on attention-demanding tasks and instead keep giving into fantastic mind-wandering sessions, then why not come and waste some of your precious time on our virtual playground and stock up on fun before the weekend. Indeed, your well-being remains our biggest priority at all times and once more we’ve put together a rollicking collection of memes and funny pics we hope will draw smiles on your face, so without further ado, on your marks, get set & scroll!

Wishing you a jocular PMSLweb moment!

He's no longer afraid of losing his glasses funny meme - Thursday chuckles @

Funny guide on how to help in any situation

Your penis versus mine funny t-shirt

It is important to vote in your local elections funny tweet

Dear expecting parents funny tweet - Thursday chuckles

How much a good girl is worth funny tweet

 How can I drive him to the brink of insanity today funny meme

 Look it's a mermaid funny cartoon

Funny wrestling suit design fail - Thursday chuckles

Who else had this alarm clock funny meme

When you're trying to put that fitted sheet on the bed funny adult meme

The last covfefe funny meme

The Nigerian football team will refund its fans funny meme

The lightning got them funny meme - Thursday chuckles

Jesus loves you funny cartoon

Giant inflatable beach ball funny review

Jamaican football team arrived in Russia funny meme

 Please offend yourself for me sarcastic humor

Funny dog house review - Thursday chuckles

When you are mad at the old lady funny meme

When your memes aren't directly aiming anyone funny meme

The relationship between your degree and the field of your work funny meme

Do you want a kids menu and a coloring book too funny meme

How do you get Dick from Richard humor - Thursday chuckles

Black people at pool parties funny comment

She had a six pack before funny meme

If someone tried to make me dig my own grave funny tweet

Two women in the bus fighting over the last seat funny wisdom joke

By the age of 35 you should have a big box of cables funny meme

Space force Trump meme - Thursday chuckles

I am a vet therefore I can drive like an animal sarcastic joke

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