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Tuesday sarcasm – A wicked chuckle festival

Tuesday sarcasm – If so far this week any of you seem to be battling in order to keep it together , then chances are that what follows might just turn out to be what you need. A zest of derision, a touch of wit, and a dash of mockery sum up the content of the following collection of sarcastic funnies that we have put together for you today; so without waiting any longer, why not get stuck in….

Wishing you a scoffing PMSLweb moment!

My guardian angel be like meme – Tuesday sarcasm at

If someone on Facebook would invite me to play beer pong at

We are all sims humor at

What your girl sees funny meme at

Whoever stole my card is spending less than my wife funny at

In the collection leggings are not pants meme at

Funny Japanese truck name – Tuesday sarcasm at

Awkward shop owner name at

Funny mannequin fail at

Free bag of go and f*ck yourself at

Children are a blessing humor at

Funny morning poem at

Funny every day we need to be thankful for – Tuesday sarcasm at

Funny autocorrect fail at

Funny definition of disappointment at

Blonde knock knock joke at

Stop being a cunt meme at

Funny cameltoe autocorrect fail at

Funny cowboy wisdom – Tuesday sarcasm at

Funny ding dong the witch is dead news title at

Bird identification humor at

Funny writing in Arabic joke at

When Grandma knows it’s Friday meme at

Funny lethal aquarium definition at

Funny Star Wars ultrasound – Tuesday sarcasm at

Funny making your coming out in Medieval Japan at

I’d love to talk sarcastic ecard at

Brace yourself bullsh*t is coming meme at

When unexpected guests stop by ecard at

If you’re a prehistoric kid meme – Tuesday sarcasm at

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