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Very funny memes and pictures – Monday funnies

Very funny memes and pictures – Before going any further, our thoughts and sympathy go to the UK today after the traumatic and horrendous events the latter endured once more over the weekend. No words can ever suffice in moments like these when attempting to express the pain, sorrow and anger this kind of barbaric act inspires…

Monday…”New week, same shit” sounds fairly inspirational and accurate, don’t you think? If like us kick-starting a new week can really turn out to be quite challenging, why not take a few in order to fill up that Giggle-O-Meter of yours; Indeed, our latest selection of crazy Monday funnies has just gone viral so why wait any longer?

Wishing you a gorgeous week ahead and an inspiring PMSLweb moment!

When someone posts inspirational Monday shit sarcastic humor - Very funny memes and pics

When a hoe knows an answer in class funny meme

Exclamation butt cat funny meme

Why fast foods should change their default password funny fail

When you finally get the rare car you wanted in GTA funny meme

Male fashion penis pants funny meme - Very funny memes and pictures

Hilarious beetle name funny meme

I can't be the only who gives the middle finger to his phone sarcastic humor

Sharing a coke with that special someone funny sarcastic meme

I say what the fuck needs to be said sarcastic humor

When someone starts mowing their lawn early on the weekend funny meme

Funny sarcastic facebook friend suggestions quote - Very funny memes and pictures

When you start losing an argument funny meme

Clara is moving to the US funny healthcare cartoon

My patience over the past five years funny graph

It gets better funny tattoo fail meme - Very funny memes and pictures

Who would win funny allergy meme

When you ask her to see things from your perspective funny meme

Helping a kid ask a girl to prom funny prank

When you didn't think you were gonna see a bridge funny meme

When need a wake up call funny meme

When you're waiting on your food funny meme

Once I learn someone hates me funny quote

Pigeon salutes Putin funny gif - Very funny memes and pictures

Send a picture of these flowers to your man funny prank

I hate when flies rub their hands together funny meme

Biden left a dictionary of fake words in the oval office funny meme

My girlfriend keeps going through my search history funny adult prank

She is trying to install VLC player funny meme

Friendships are like plants funny quote - Very funny memes and pictures

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