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Wednesday funniness – A Hump day mood enhancer

Wednesday funniness – Welcome to a brand new edition of Hump day nonsense , featuring our latest selection of funny pictures. Once more, our hours of internet scavenging have allowed us to come across a handful of wicked goodies, so without further delay let’s get stuck in.

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Weird way to congratulate someone – Wednesday funniness at

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Everyone cums in the same color humor at

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How to leave the planet funny advice – Wednesday funniness at

Taking shit to the next level humor at

Sex after surgery joke at

Funny Juraphic Phark at

Jesus and the magic mushroom at

Funny no tears shampoo comment at

Funny African legolas – Wednesday funniness at

If stupid you are Yoda meme at

Funny Marvel speech bubble at

Let’s go to the club tonight funny meme at

Funny death metal singer with tourette’s syndrome at

How Americans see Ireland humor at

Reserve your windows 10 upgrade today humor – Wednesday funniness at

Funny Japanese translation fail at

Name an object that no human has ever tried to use sexually at

One does not simply go to sleep at

I ruined my parents marriage with hentai at

The worst part about getting a phone call funny quote at

Stupid girlfriend on Facebook – Wednesday funniness at

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Correct greeting distance depending on the countries humor at

Funny multilingual Jon Snow meme at

If you can make a girl laugh funny Facebook comment at

Funny truth about broccoli  at

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Play spot the vegan humor at

Funny transfinancial fund me request at

If you combined your fortune with Bill Gate’s at

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