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Wednesday humor zone – Our daily selection of funnies

Wednesday humor zone – Once upon a time it was Hump day, and from across the entire Internet Kingdom numerous were the subjects that desperately needed some sort of jocular fix. Indeed, quite a few weeks remained on the calendar before reaching the most festive season of the year and spirits often needed to be spiked up a little in order to go the distance. Bearing that in mind, the dedicated PMSLweb estate decided to send out a virtual carrier pigeon loading a quality collection of funny pictures… and check-it out, here he comes!

Wishing you a fantastic and fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny connection lost strip prank - Wednesday humor zone

Funny Uncle Creepy book cover

Funny system requirements fail

Grab a Pepsi lose a finger funny cat meme

Go for it man beer humor

Angry vagina box funny meme – Wednesday humor zone

When a white girl sees one leaf on the ground funny meme

Couple apart be like funny meme

Grab today by the pussy funny inspirational Trump quote

When your homie pays for you at McDonalds funny meme

Who else remembers turning these on as a kid humor

Trump won’t drop out funny tweet – Wednesday humor zone

Funny explosive diarrhea Facebook status

Cyclists learn the difference between red and green funny gif

Mark Hamill and his biggest fan funny tweet

Guy’s hand looks like a paw funny meme

Clickbait old testament funny cartoon

Marriage and hand towels funny tweet – Wednesday humor zone

What’s your favorite kind of bird funny meme

Just put the tip in funny tip box

Best road name funny meme

An overdose of weed is called a good night’s sleep funny meme

When your visa expires at midnight funny meme

Burglars attempt to rob biggest gay sex offender funny news

Funny wheelchair parking lot payback – Wednesday humor zone

Everything is a vagina if you are brave enough funny meme

Kiss me in the rain funny meme

Let me make your life matter tonight funny meme

Dirty mind funny photograph timing

Wifi is like pizza humor

Jesus says no funny gif – Wednesday humor zone

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