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Wednesday ROFL – Making the most out of Hump Day

Wednesday ROFL – Making it half way through the week always turns out to be a major achievement; but given the effort required to reach this specific and oh so glorious milestone, the time has come to consider filling back up that giggle-o-meter of yours. Why not take a few minutes to check out our latest collection of funnies, you probably won’t regret…

Wishing you a bubbly PMSLweb moment!

Sesame street WTF meme – Wednesday ROFL at

Typing lol sarcastic ecard at

Funny pornhub graph at

This duck is so raw meme at

Before you go and fook yourself quote at

Fake supermarket humor – Wednesday ROFL at

Sarcastic bear meme at

Funny butt hurt advert at

The dog did it meme at

All zombie movies begin humor at

Kermit hold on a minute whiskey meme at

Today is national a**hole day – Wednesday ROFL at

A fart is only a turd funny quote at

Lie detector robot joke at

Spiderman kite meme at

Funny Marilyn Monroe and teenage mutant turtles at

I act like I don’t give a f*ck quote at

Recto flute – Wednesday ROFL at

Baaaa means no at

Funny my mom’s job is at

Maybe she’s born with it funny quote at

Funny anime mouth reality at

Emperor Maximiliano and Nicolas cage look alike at

How I feel when arguing with my girlfriend meme – Wednesday ROFL at

Lava bucket challenge meme at

Kitty is cute rage comic at

Condom family pack fail at

Turban repair station at

Worst way to respond to I love you at

Funny what man really sees – Wednesday ROFL at

Nasa budget vs war budget cartoon at

Funny bugs in the code at

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