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Weekend guffaws – Our daily selection of funnies

Weekend guffaws – Before going any further, we hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far, and that any stress linked to the past week is now a distant souvenir. Once more, if ever you’ve decided to dedicate time to procrastination and aren’t sure where to start your journey, you may want to give our daily selection of funnies a shot.

Wishing you a smile-riddled PMSLweb moment!

How New York kids play with cars meme – Weekend guffaws at

Halloween decoration or house in Australia humor at

America in one picture humor at

Funny Skype true story at

Funny store aisle at

Funny laundry instructions – Weekend guffaws at

Suicide bombing humor at

Funny Tony Stark and George RR Martin at

Motorized cooler at

Current financial status humor at

Funny how I act when something turns out to be too expensive at

To be seen or not to be meme at

Reasons why you put up with your family during the holidays graph at

The magic of Photoshop humor – Weekend guffaws at

Fanfiction humor at

Funny Bear Grylls and the koala at

Funny soup of the day sign at

Panoramic shot gone wrong at

My homies lady cheated on him humor at

Emotional wellness humor at

Wake up the Prince in me frog meme – Weekend guffaws at

Funny best friend in the friendzone at

Funny funeral fail at

You talking shit frog meme at

Funny why South African cops need to wear reflective jackets at

Your cat will love the feeling of having smooth legs at

Funny class schedule Facebook fail – Weekend guffaws at

Congrats on having a famous vagina at

Funny question about the blind at

You did everything correct ecard at

Dear a**hole funny book cover at

Peppa pig destroyed our marriage – Weekend guffaws at

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