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E-Card collection – A Piss Myself Laughing selection

E-Card collectionPMSLweb is back up and kicking as from today, and to celebrate this special occasion we have decided to kick-start its return to cyber world by sharing with you a collection of sarcastic tainted e-cards which we came across during these past few weeks. Enjoy!

Wishing you a delightful PMSL moment!

I feel lazier than the guy who created the Japanese flag
My brain is giving me the silent treatment today
DoucheBagastan - E-card collection at
weird self-esteem issue where I hate myself
expert on my life - E-card collection at
Sometimes I look at people ecard
Share the padded room next to mine
I feel so miserable ecard

Remember when I asked for your opinion
Today I'll be cleaning ecard
You got bitterness ecard
S.L.I.F - E-card collection at
your facebook statuses ecard
Woah I almost gave a fook ecard
Instead of Facebook asking ecard
crop you out of the relationship - E-card collection at
What an interesting story ecard
Off is the general direction ecard
that whole bottle of wine ecard
There are some things better left unsaid
these blankets have accepted me - E-card collection at
grass is greener on the other side ecard
people with bad breath always have secret
thank everyone that assisted in making this the shittiest day
answer every question with a middle finger ecard
If a woman asks you a question
Asian friend Ug Lee - E-card collection at
lip into something more comfy like a coma
If you were a cookie ecard
And there goes the last fook ecard
acceptable for you to be an idiot ecard
strange new trend at the office ecard
get back with my ex ecard
Revenge is bellow me ecard
Jehovah's witnesses ecard
I know we're not dating ecard

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