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The fall funny picture collection – Kick-starting the week

The fall funny picture collection - Autumn is making a guest-star entrance up north while springtime is slowly kicking-in down south, but Mondays remain Mondays wherever you stand and in order to make it through the week we all have to make sure to stay clear from a false start! Once more PMSLweb is happy to share a few funny pictures with you peeps to celebrate the change of seasons.

Wishing you an entertaining Piss Myself Laughing moment!

people help you get naked but not get dressed

I can see that you're a train wreck from here

don't fooking care bear - Funny picture collection at

this dog has a sign for you

 someone out there is thinking  of you and the tremendous impact

yard sale our crap could be your crap

wait don t eat yet let me take a picture of it for Facebook

I d like to dedicate this song I wrote to you, it's called go and f

germs must wait 5 seconds - Funny picture collection at

you just made my crap list - Funny picture collection at

behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes funny

 your pity party on facebook listed under events

 I still miss my ex but my aim is getting better

birthdays are good for your health you live longer

drop something in bed, don't get out reach

I m not fluent in idiot so speak slowly and clearly

laziness level 62 the lightbulb - Funny picture collection at

if at first you don t succeed try the way your wife told you sign

be sure to taste your words before you spit them out quote

nude stretchie pants funny picture

however do you keep yourself from choking on that constant flow of bs that comes out of your mouth

let me in I need to go back out again dog

hello again kitty funny comic - Funny picture collection at

one day someone will run you over then you'll realize

it isn t that I m not a people person I'm just not a stupid people person

danger mouth operates faster than brain sign

never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups politics

today i saw something that reminded me of you nut don't worry I flushed

I'm absolutely sure I m going to offend someone today

shower nose soap squeeze

a fook I give not - Funny picture collection at

ice-t soda funny pic

i'm surprised facebook hasn't made her vag a check-in place

maybe it s maybeline maybe it s photoshop quote

don't try to win over the haters you are not the jerk whisperer

13.2 and 13.3 makes a difference in the microwave

I really need to stop saying how stupid can you be some people are starting to take it

List of What I think when someone uses the computer

no offense means I m going to insult you but don t get mad quote

mouse says doesn t matter had s - Funny picture collection at

does he look like a b funny board game

zoo caretaker licks monkey butt

i124Q say it out loud

baby I only cry when ugly people hold me

kids today have no idea what this is floppy disk

if it has tires or testicles it's gonna give you trouble

all my friends are dead  dinosaur book

Raj meets justin bieber can t talk to him

secrets to a long happy marriage funny story

Sexual-Activity-Calorie-Counter chart - Funny picture collection at

please don t die kevin bacon funny picture

mom click here for internet funny picture

oh my god that s not how you eat hubba gum funny

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