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Aussie humor – Australia at its very best

Aussie humor – Today, January 26th, is the day the nation from Down Under (travelers and expats included) celebrate their national holiday aka Australia day. Friends, family, BBQ’s, beach, flags and beer should logically turn out to be the basic ingredients of any successful Australia day celebration, as will laughter… and speaking of which, since Aussies are never the last when it comes to joking & bullshiting around, there was no way that we would have passed on the occasion to share with you some of the finest funny Aussie pictures… so buckle up mate and let’s get to it!

Wishing everyone a wild Australia day and a kick-butt PMSLweb moment!

Aussie humor @PMSLweb

Funny Aussie no dumping sign

hilarious Australian sign

You know you’re Australian if

Funny sexpo advertising Australia

Funny Australian seasons comment

Is your grass Australian funny comment

Funny Australia day animation – Aussie humor

Australian seagulls humor

Funny Aussie coffee order quote

Funny Aussie customer service joke

Funny wanted seagull poster

Australia in spring humor

Only in Australia meme

Australian can be confusing humor – Aussie humor

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Funny Australian direction signs

weather in Australia humor

Funny Aussie barometer

Funny Anzac biscuits instructions

How Aussies deal with conflicts humor

Shit is about to go down meme – Aussie humor

Australian citizenship test funny cartoon

Watch out for cyclists funny Australian sign

Aussie emu war

Aussie sweatpants funny comment

Funny Australian malteasers comment

Beware of attack turtle sign

Funny Aussie playschool meme – Aussie humor

Funny Aussie and kiwi joke

Funny Aussie pad wrapper fact

Funny Australian road prevention

Funny news in Australia

Australian cork hat funny cartoon

Australian vegemite funny cartoon

Funny Aussie crab tinder profile – Aussie humor

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Funny kangaroo at the restaurant

What the f*ck is this Australia humor

Funny Aussie welcome sign

Funny Aussie wifi network name

Aussie lingo humor

the ultimate Aussie burger – Aussie humor

Funny Aussie local police sign

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