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Aussie humor – Australia at its very best

Aussie humor @PMSLweb

Aussie humor – Today, January 26th, is the day the nation from Down Under (travelers and expats included) celebrate their national holiday aka Australia day. Friends, family, BBQ’s, beach, flags and beer should logically turn out to be the basic ingredients of any successful Australia day celebration, as will laughter… and speaking of which, since Aussies are never the last ... Read More »

Funny Straya – Cheers from the land Down under

The best beer is an open beer – Funny Straya at

Funny Straya – If you have ever wondered why Aussies are so proud to call Australia “Home”, and that regardless of wherever they may be, we shall attempt to clear that out for you via the following collection of funnies. Anyone who has one or more Aussie mates, knows that they are among the most cool, fun and chillax people ... Read More »

Welcome to Straya – An Oi Oi Oi collection of funnies


Welcome to Straya – Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on PMSLweb Air’s flight 747 to the Land Down Under. Our aircraft today is under the command of Captain Froz, and our flight time will be approximately 10 minutes. While we are here to ensure that your flight occurs in the best possible conditions, we are also concerned about your safety. With ... Read More »

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