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A category regrouping all of PMSLweb’s most funny website findings and creations: Funny pictures, videos and jokes await you here.

Friday giggles – The best way to start your weekend

CSI where is waldo humor – Friday giggles at

Friday giggles – Thank giggles it’s Friday, and to kickstart the spirit, we have put together a selection of Friday funnies which we hope will contribute as far as setting the mood is concerned. The time has finally come to let your hair hang loose, maybe treat yourself to a delicious drinkie and unleash those wild, impatiently stamping, demons of ... Read More »

Stupid life hacks – Pieces of advice you probably ignore

Stupid life hacks at

Stupid life hacks- In a society where the most prosperous firms have understood that the easier to use a product will turn out to be, the higher its success rate; you’d be surprised by the number of well-known every day glitches that each and every one of us still has to encounter on a fairly frequent basis, and for whom ... Read More »

Foolish Tuesday – The chuckle zone is open

If at first you don’t succeed humor – Foolish Tuesday at

Foolish Tuesday – Before courageously getting stuck into the ascent of the third and last part of the infamous business week mount, a last little mood enhancer should be considered. Bearing that in mind, once more we have put together a selection of funny pics which we hope may lead to the birth of a few smiles. In a few ... Read More »

New week humor – Your Monday selection of funnies

Funny I drink in moderation – New week humor at

New week humor – Today during your encounter of the new week kind, you have had the honor of being greeted by the 21st Monday out of the 52 which are featured in 2015’s calendar. Sadly enough, thirty one still remain to pull through, but given those you have survived so far, we have faith in you. In order to ... Read More »

Sunday madness – Ending the weekend with a smirk

Mirror is the most photographed object humor at

Sunday madness – While Saturday has revealed itself to be quite popular among the general population, when it comes to Sunday, on the other hand, opinions tend to diverge. It’s not the whole “Sunday concept” in itself which tends to bother people – as people no matter on which part of the planet may they live, will always appreciate having ... Read More »

Humorous TGIF – Funnies to set the mood

Applaud the jellyfish humor at

Humorous TGIF – With the weekend finally kicking-in, the moment has come to make a few mood adjustments. Time to dismiss whatever could hamper the upcoming cheerful atmosphere – or at least put it aside until Monday – in order to totally focus on the next 48h, and since you’ve made it here, why not allow us to assist you ... Read More »

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