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Foolish Tuesday – The chuckle zone is open

Foolish Tuesday – Before courageously getting stuck into the ascent of the third and last part of the infamous business week mount, a last little mood enhancer should be considered. Bearing that in mind, once more we have put together a selection of funny pics which we hope may lead to the birth of a few smiles. In a few minutes, we should have the answer to that, n’est ce pas?

Wishing you a merrymaking PMSLweb moment!

Funny Quaker parody – Foolish Tuesday at

Funny Katy Perry plastered breasts for charity comment at

Random shopping carts meme at

Funny typical Russian wedding at

Funny marines meme at

What actually happens when you go and f*ck yourself meme at

I don’t always ask for extra sauce at Mc Donalds meme – Foolish Tuesday at

All women want from men funny meme at

Trolls are everywhere humor at

Guess who you forgot to feed this morning dog meme at

Yes this is lava funny meme at

Keeping up with gaming funny cartoon at

Funny butthole view from the inside – Foolish Tuesday at

those were the days Nokia humor at

Me after every meal humor at

A guide to labeling men humor at

Army veteran in Paris joke at

It’s better to be full of whiskey funny quote – Foolish Tuesday at

Samuel L Jackson can say whatever he wants humor at

Funny Billy Joel looks like dying Darth Vader at

Funny wife and king sized bed at

E.T is a jedi humor at

Why men are never depressed funny at

Funny they see me rolling animated – Foolish Tuesday at

Funny my cat ate a rubber band at

Nobody crosses the chicken meme at

Politicians are Scooby doo villains humor at

Funny creepy message at

If at first you don’t succeed humor – Foolish Tuesday at

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