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Ultimate Time Killer collection – Come and waste your time

The ultimate Time Killer collection – If you have a few spare minutes on your hands and are basically looking for a way to ‘kill them’, the following collection of website links may just come in handy! No doubt that you will find one -or more- to trigger your interest. 

The Empire Poster Quiz :

Use the letters  
Will you be able to guess the movie by just viewing one letter? Do you know your classics?
The 100 Most Common English Words :

100 English Words
See how many of the hundred most common English words you can guess in five minutes. The game was created using the Oxford English Corpus.
Scary Spider:

Scary Spider
Take control of this creepy crawly using your mouse and feed it using your space-bar. If you suffer from arachnophobia stay clear!
More Cowbell DJ :

Cowbell tainted tunes
Ever dreamed of having cowbells and Christopher Walken included to your favorite songs? NO? Well me neither to be honest, but you’ll still be able to do so using this original tool!
Map Your Surname:

Your Surname
How popular is your surname and how far across the world did your ancestors reach? Use this interesting tool to find out.
Where’s Waldo?:

Where is waldo?
Remember Waldo? Well this game could be called the ‘Ultimate Waldo Search’! And believe me it won’t be as easy as it seems… don’t lose patience though as I’m sure you can do it!
Can You Name The Countries:

Find the countries
So how well do you know our dear planet and more precisely how many countries do you actually know? This very challenging game should turn out to be quite addicting and no doubt that you’ll probably end up playing it a few times in a row. You will have 15 min to name as many country names as possible and evidently will have to spell them out correctly.
The Eyeballing Game:

The eyeballing game
Here is a game that should take you down memory lane for sure and will reveal which kind of student you actually were while testing your accuracy. You will be working on parallelograms, midpoints, bisect angles, triangle centers, circle centers, right angles and convergences…but hey don’t freak out because it will actually turn out to be quite cool and addicting.
Drawminos :

If you use to get a kick out of playing dominos as a kid, you may be tempted to give them a shot online and see just how creative you turn out to be. You will be creating in 2D but will be able to save them in 3D. Why not give it a try?
Detweet :

Shoot Tweets
This is probably one of the craziest social games ever. The name of the game here will be to shoot down real tweets based on a specific word. At the begining of the game you get to type in a word of your choice, then will see the latest tweets made on twitter which include them, the latter being represented by little men – the actual tweets appearing in a bubble above their heads. Your next move will be to buy and place machine guns in order to take them down… sure it may seem a little sick, but it’s so much fun. (I even shot myself down, what a nut…)

What to say about this specific page… I’m not really sure. If ever during the day you have the need to share your discontent, well basically it could come in handy… maybe?
The Michael Bayifier :

The Michael Bayifier
Give your pictures the ultimate Michael Bayifier pimp up with this fast and easy little tool. You can now star in a Michael Bay movie in only minutes and impress your friends.
Impact Earth:

Impact Earth
Do you want to know how well you’d be capable of taking down our good old Earth if in control of a meteorite? Would you manage to cause a maximum of damage or wouldn’t anyone notice? Here you will get to customize your own mighty projectile by setting various parameters like its genre – diameter and intensity, impact – angle and velocity, its target type as well as its distance from the impact.
Bastard/Bastet Tetris:

Bastard/Bastet tetris
With a name like ‘Bastard Tetris’, what do you expect seriously? This specific Tetris was designed to give you the pieces you need the least, you will have a 70% of getting the piece you need the less, 15% of getting the second least wanted piece and so on… so get prepared in spending a very painful moment…
Where Are You In The Movie?:

Where in the Movie
Thanks to this very original online tool, you can now discover where exactly you are in movies such as Star Wars, The Big Lebowski, the Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters, The Godfather and Titanic among others. To do so you will just need to answer a few quick questions; when were you born, at what age do you wish to die and which movie you want to use…and that’s all.
Inflat – The Music Project:

Music project
Discover and play with an incredible musical project. You will have access to a page composed of various YouTube windows and can start as many as you want and whenever you want as the result will always turn out to be amazing.
Pick One:

Pick One
This should basically be called ‘Pick One – the Never ending game’, because I don’t think there’s any end to it, it seems to go on for ever, and ever, and ever…. Your screen will be divided in two – a black side and a white side – and you will constantly have to pick between two words…worst part is that it actually gets you thinking at moments!
Flashface :

This smart and entertaining online tools will let you build suspects of your own. You will get to entirely customize their faces, and the results will turn out to be quite impressive. Why not sketch one of your mates or even your mother-in-law then stick the picture on a milk box just to freak him/her out!
Nukeometer :

Wish to scare yourself a little? Then why not come and try this Nukeometer that will let you discover, just by entering your town and country, how many nuclear warheads are within your reach – the exact number by country and by delivery…fun!
Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator :

Kenya Birth Certificate
Like many of us you probably regret not being born in Kenya right? (I knew it…). Cry no more, these days your dream can come true thanks to this birth certificate generator! Imagine how impressed your buddies will be when they discover where you actually were born…

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  1. The DeTweet game doesn't work. After you enter your destructor, the Congratulations dialog blocks the whole center of the screen and no matter what phrase you enter, no tweeters enter the screen. Nothing happens. I built every tower and maxed them all out and had tens of thousands of dollars accumulated, and not one tweet was DeTweeted.

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