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Daily funnies – Funny pics to kickstart the week

Daily funnies – Happy Monday to all, we hope that the 31st week of the year has been treating you right so far (for memo this year contains 53). That being said, how does taking a short break from your current duties in order to spike up the mood a tad sound? Our daily selection of funnies just went viral, so please feel free.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

When grandma overhears that you are hungry – Daily funnies at

Grandma is too old to play legos humor at

Wank band by pornhub at

If you die tomorrow humor at

The ultimate laser adventure fail at

Funny mass culture – Daily funnies at

Robin badass Hood at

Nuclear war fun book at

Royal baby peasants meme at

Funny Egyptian outdoor employee at

Inspirational whatever at

Funny abbreviations list – Daily funnies at

The revolution has begun dog meme at

Share a coke with isis humor at

Funny please share to raise awareness at

Funny penis versus brain animated at

I asked her to marry me funny meme at

When your girl says do what you want – Daily funnies at

The wonder book of masturbation techniques at

Funny blurry picture comment at

Don’t film vertically humor at

Funny taco advertising at

Funny drug testing a janitor quote at

Fortune teller joke – Daily funnies at

Funny greedy cat at

Funny world trade center fail at

Funny my stomach standing versus my stomach sitting at

Funny sarcastic life rules at

Funny I love you response at

Funny crocodile loves guacamole – Daily funnies at

If we evacuate women & children first humor at

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