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Friday Funnies – TGIF so let’s buckle up!

Friday Funnies – Time to leave yet another hectic week behind us, and turn the page without any remorse. The yellow brick road which leads to the weekend awaits you, and turning back now would be absolutely pointless. You have a new quest to fulfill and the latter requires all your attention. We place all our faith in you, as we know that this is completely up your lane, so please don’t let us down by all means.

Wishing you an astonishing weekend and a merry PMSLweb moment!

game of thrones yahoo funny
the clear lego blocks meme
a**holes beware funny
who took it demotivational
shark chin funny
rubix cube with circular spinning dials
some women do not fart quote
miss airport calendar funny
every parent demotivational
no need to worry we still have enough duct tape
hakuna some vodka
take-it four fingers chocolate
aussie pig drank 18 beers
symmetry demotivational
shinning window cover up meme
batman ozzy was here
4000 children die each year youtube funny comment
is that a wii meme
my car’s on fire meme
a bird pooped on our car meme
those poor animals bieber demotivational
gothic in escape boat
redneck – if you divorce your wife
cheese – molds in my fridge after a week
how did you come out of the closet funny
nothing turns me on like a grumpy cat
how to ruin a horror film meme
redneck measuring tape meme
mirrors how it’s made yahoo funny
vanya the motorcyclist yahoo funny
look at my fluffy butt meme
selfie fail
walking on glass yahoo funny comment
priest  STFU
life is a bed of roses just watch out for the pricks
sorry if I look interested meme
would you mind repeating the part where you’re not talking

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