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TGIF happy hour – A few giggles on the house

TGIF happy hour – As we all ,one after the other, gradually end up entering the weekend’s cyber space, we obviously need a fresh start priority wise and this is where we’re willing to offer you a helping hand. A few smiles definitely should be part of your new prerogatives, so why not treat yourself to a handful of chuckles with the following collection of goodies.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead and an enjoyable PMSLweb moment!

Sheep versus Cowboy gif – TGIF happy hour at

Clearly it’s Friday at

Bitchy mother grave stone at

If you’re not suppose to abuse cough syrup at

Fifty shades of chicken – TGIF happy hour at

Lifespan of razors at

F is for f*ck at

Cheated on with Waldo at

In the sequel to funky town how did they get back at

Snoopy nailed it – TGIF happy hour at

Dawn of the dead versus black Friday at

Spoiled milk funny at

Freddie Mercury win at

Funny cat reward at

Vincent Van Gogh funny – TGIF happy hour at

Forget Waldo at

Funny mind trick at

When you have a hammer in your hand at

Fairytale wedding humor at

Dad books a hooker and daughter turns up at

Road sign humor – TGIF happy hour at

Buy a wife from Vietnam at

Rosetta Stone sarcasm at

Exercise demotivational at

F*ck it zone at

Naughty hello kitty – TGIF happy hour at

The crash occurred when the plane struck the ground at

Maybe he doesn’t want the stick dog meme at

What kind of person throws their cat into the snow at

Mother nature loading meme at

Roofing fail – TGIF happy hour at

I’d tap that at

Naughty elf takes snow white hostage at

Yoda Grumpy cat at

Dum and Dumbledore at

Campfire story for books – TGIF happy hour at

Ain’t no sandwich when she’s gone at

I’m with illogical at

My lips are for blowing at

Cat watching American football gif at

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