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Friday humor – Who let the dogs out

Friday humor – Ladies and Gentlemen, please grant a warm welcome to our VIP guest, the one and only FRIDAY! During the promotion of his famous TGIF tour, the latter has decided to honor us of his presence today, so let’s not wait any longer and discover what goodies he has up his sleeve.

Wishing you a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Website caution sign – Friday humor at

My magical crystal ball tells me at

Sexy knees advert at

Nana batman meme at

Speaking during my favorite part of the song ecard at

Dancing with girls meme – Friday humor at

Zub-zero temperatures meme at

Nikon camera win at

Funny birds in cage at

Holding doors meme at

Nesquik cereal humor at

Cat middle finger at

The internet funny  - Friday humor at

Arabic T-shirt fail at

Coffee for left-handed at

Kim Jon un bombing google apps  at

Fifa manager mode funny at

3 Kg of cheetos at

Men’s orgasm versus women’s orgasm at

Your own highlights may have been a mistake at

Shamed by you English Yoda funny at

Insert to gain power – Friday humor at

Potato installed successfully at

Pretty faces in music meme at

Pigeon demotivational he just washed his car at

Funny vacuum ecard – Friday humor at

A baby drinks a bottle and falls asleep ecard at

Ever notice how I don’t tell you about my personal life at

Kanye West whenever I see something that upsets people at

Karmasutra – Friday humor at

Archilles face tumblr comment at

Funny life choices at

Bach street boys meme at

Funny Sean Paul lyrics meme at

Scumbag nutella meme at

Who said that English is easy – Friday humor at

My wife gives me sound advice at

Funny men at work cartoon at

Selena Gomez had sex with Bieber 3 times at

To cheese or not to cheese at

I found your friends phone iPhone humor at

Stone in shoe meme – Friday humor at

Funny Sean Paul quote at

A tall glass of STFU at

Praying high score at

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