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Friday craze – Humor is reason gone mad

Friday craze – As all productivity suddenly seems to hit a stall, the mind on the contrary takes a turn for the worst… Friday is here and minute by minute all milestones linked to your professional background slowly fade away. Anyway, long story short, it’s time for a handful of wicked funnies!

Wishing you a smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

Ordinary Batman adventures – Friday craze at

Praying mantis humor at

Michael Jackson reincarnated at

21 things porn has taught me humor at

I went through a whole box of tissues funny quote at

How men see washing cycles – Friday craze at

Lion tattoo fail at

Funny Ikea advert at

Games to play with your pussy humor at

Guide to complimenting a strangers body at

There’s no ugly people – Friday craze at

Funny all burgers are beautiful at

Missent to Australia at

Tuxedo printed condoms at

Best and worst sleeping positions for couples at

Maze humor at

Life cycle of sexy lingerie at

With and without makeup – Friday craze at

Chocolate sexism at

Having all Apple products meme at

Jesus had a brother humor at

Lord where do you find them sarcastic ecard at

dad shows his dominance over boyfriend at

Funny bus picture at

Hilarious cat cartoon – Friday craze at

Funny photosynthesis experiment at

Soda chapstick  at

Funny Farmville comment at

Dogs and babies funny Google search at

Doorbell humor – Friday craze at

My cat made a huge mistake at

Funny grim reaper cartoon at

British porn humor at

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