Funny daily nonsense – Tuesday meme collection

Funny daily nonsense – Laughter being an instant vacation, why not check-in for a spin around the World Wide Web? No need to dig into your savings, apply for visas or freak out because you haven’t trimmed in a while, as today once more we’re giving your mind the opportunity to evade for a few without leaving the comfort of your chair or sofa (or let’s face it, even bed). Our latest collection of Funny Tuesday nonsense awaits you, so let’s get going shall we?

Wishing you a waggish PMSLweb moment!

Funny I'm lost as fuck dog tag meme - Funny daily

Where's my son funny clown fish meme

Funny outrageous pizza hash tag fail

Funny spaghetti trick joke

My wife wants to jump out the window funny sarcastic joke

I love when people give my car likes funny meme

Funny Rambo brite cosplay - Funny daily nonsense

Are you worried about something funny sarcastic flowchart

His dad just realized some shit funny meme

Me this summer if I don't get my shit together funny meme

When you're sitting at the movies and someone needs to pass by funny meme

I make my dog watch homeless dog commercials funny meme

I like men with massive throbbing vocabularies adult humor - Funny daily nonsense

Pluto is upset about Nasa discovering planets funny meme

Funny cat slides under the door sarcastic gif

Sex when he's much taller than her funny meme

 When a man has more dick in his personality than in his pants adult humor

Never put your hands where you wouldn't put your willy funny quote

Happy birthday Sarah Jessica Parker funny meme - Funny daily nonsense

When you're dead but not everyone knows you're a vegan funny meme

 I know what turns men on funny meme

When you're running errands but hoe is life funny meme

Payback time funny cat and dog in the snow gif

Where philosophy originated from funny meme

Get up and catch a mouse for once funny sarcastic cat meme - Funny daily nonsense

This is what is wrong with the world funny stairs sign fail

When you sprain your ankle and your dad takes a look at it adult humor

If Jesus came back today funny gif

I lost a good friend and drinking buddy this last weekend joke

Be the reason someone smiles today sarcastic humor - Funny daily nonsense

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