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Funny Friday – A humoristic TGIF pictorama

Funny Friday – Whether you’re about to evaluate the intensity of last night’s after-effects on the boozeter scale, are currently slipping into Friday evening mode, or still have a few hours to get through before catching up with the rest of the international crowd, here’s a handful of smiles to celebrate the upcoming weekend.

Wishing you a fun-packed WE and a laughter-jammed PMSLweb moment!

Putin dancing – Funny Friday at

Back to the kitchen woman at

Kids words about St Francis at

Free telescope humor at

T-Rex toilet problems – Funny Friday at

I’m drowning cartoon humor at

Kill Bieber captcha at

Epic fail car crash number plate at

Funny ET alien parody at

Football dragon ball gif – Funny Friday at

Buy Friendship on ebay at

Funny mouse meme at

Web MD it’s cancer cartoon at

Messi & Ronaldo stahp meme at

Butterfly tattoo humor – Funny Friday at

Weird flavored chips at

Hashtag baby on Facebook at

Funny let your wife look at your penis question at

Funny anal card at

Funny nose picking caught on cam gif at

Funny water bill complaint – Funny Friday at

Can semen cure bad breath at

Mc Donalds should have a third window at

Funny credit card scam at

Snickers bar humor at

Suck my d*ck Ikea humor at

Facebook status comment win at

Redneck Barbie – Funny Friday at

HAL cannot brew humor at

Kick in the face epic fail at

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