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Pokemon humor – Gotta laugh at them all

Pokemon humor – Pokémon aka pocket monsters, is a Japanese franchise which no border seems to be able to stop; and if you think that only the youngest generation is concerned, you couldn’t be more wrong, as once a Pokémon fan always a Pokémon fan tends to sum it up well. While originally Pokémon was launched as an RPG game for the Nintendo DS, the success encountered quickly lead the brand into developing a real empire around the latter, and it wasn’t long before a cartoon was born followed by the now legendary trading cards which are now into their sixth generation.

Once fame has been reached, there’s no way that you can escape the occasional mockery, auto derision and light-hearted tease, may it be from the adepts of the genre as well as from the rest of the internet community, so today we’ve decided to put together a little “best of” of what we came across.

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Dog humping Pikachu gif – Pokémon humor at

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