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Funny Internet BS – LMAO memes and pics

Funny Internet BS – Once upon a time on a little blue planet of the solar system, billions of peeps part of what was said to be a very evolved and intelligent *cough* species were making their way through yet another hard and challenging work week. These “Humans”, were fulled by five vita l elements: Sleep, food, love, money and… bullshit. Today, we’ve decided to introduce you to the latter, and in order for you to really grasp its concept, have put together a collection of LMAO memes and pics whom should perfectly sumit up.

Wishing you a very entertaining PMSLweb moment!

The new season of sons of Algebra funny meme  - Funny Internet BS

Natural selection is still a thing funny meme

Check the dimensions of everything before ordering on Amazon funny meme

How to avoid a disco attack funny book cover

Gendering products backfire on Tumblr humor

When you take a selfie versus when someone else does funny meme

Tell Schrodinger I survived funny cat meme - Funny Internet BS

The adventures of Polish Man humor

Is lego sexist funny WTF did I just read

We're expecting and this is our dog's reaction funny meme

Cum on all our girls funny Facebook fail

Funny look at me prank - Funny Internet BS

My ex just opened a bar funny sarcastic meme

You guys better start praying funny Jesus meme

Funny beloved Aunt cake fail

Game of Thrones fans are disappointed funny comment

Funny Asian name Hoo Lee Sheet - Funny Internet BS

Boys will be boys funny gif

What the fuck you just said funny sarcastic meme

Cooking advice on Pornhub humor

Funny I miss the good old days joke

Don't look cool on the train funny meme

Medicines sound like cool wizard names humor - Funny Internet BS

When you leave a store without buying anything funny

Eminem is the pope funny meme

Funny comment to McDonald tweet

Today's Florida moment funny meme - Funny Internet BS

Funny anatomy poster meme

The perfect Valentine's day outfit adult humor

Just wrapped her Valentine's day present funny adult meme

Feb 13th vs Feb 15th adult humor

Funny kissing couple gif - Funny Internet BS

Funny inappropriate disabled joke

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