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Funny Internet BS – Funny pictures and memes

Funny Internet BS – Welcome to a brand new edition of “Internet Bullshit” at its finest. Indeed, while we do acknowledge that we’re a tad slower than usual lately for what is of submitting to your appreciation Internet’s most kick-ass nonsense (have no fear though, we’re just working on a few things on this end) we defo have not forgotten you and will progressively get back to it. In the meantime, if you’re up for a few chuckle-packed memes and pics, please feel free to give what follows a shot!

We hope that the Easter bunny treated you good and wish you a glorious news week as well as a rollicking PMSLweb moment!

Funny Jesus on the cross workouts - Funny Internet BS

When you kick the front seat funny Putin meme

Sending a pic when you're about to sleep funny meme

Jesus' real miracle funny tweet

It's so huge funny adult meme

Who needs April fools funny sarcastic meme - Funny Internet BS

When you're in 1st place in Mario Kart funny meme

Anything is possible when you lie funny post

Yep, you're still a cunt sarcastic humor

Does my bomb look big in this inappropriate humor

We used to have village idiots sarcastic humor - Funny Internet BS

Could you live here hilarious comment

Funny Taco Bell on fire meme

We will discuss the eyebrows later funny meme

I'm at a good place right now funny quote - Funny Internet BS

You are my world funny comment

Two in the pink funny name

This sums up the difference between cats and dogs funny meme

Dj Khaled wants to yell his name funny meme

I go from hey to fuck off real quick sarcastic humor - Funny Internet BS

Cat climbed into a clear plastic flower pot funny meme

After Peter CottonTail meet Henry Hammerdick funny Easter meme

Moses the 1st person with a tablet to download from a cloud funny meme

The back of this dude's head kept trying to talk to me funny meme

If you send me a dick pic funny Thai girl comment - Funny Internet BS

Guy dressed as a bird shits on random people funny news

If you call me from a private number funny quote

Aim for a handcareer funny adult meme

Why do I have a headache funny post - Funny Internet BS

Dad farted and we can't get out funny bumper sticker

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