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Funny meme collection – Here come your Sunday chuckles

Funny meme collection – Well, the time has come to enhance our Sunday a tad with a handful of lighthearted vibes and giggles before dedicating a fair amount of our time and energy to yet another long-ass week. Below, you will find our modest contribution to your cause in the form of a gallery of rollicking memes, so if you have a little procrastinating time ahead of you why not check-out the latter?

Wishing you a lazy Sunday and an exuberant PMSLweb moment!

Funny wheel of fortune presidential quote – Funny meme collection

What is in your LaCroix humor

What Drake song required this much energy funny meme

This is the dead sea funny meme

Funny gay porn meme

How to use an urinal humor

You know a conversation is over funny emoticon truth – Funny meme collection

3rd grader rolling a blunt funny meme

When Maury says you’re not the father funny meme

Dr BJ tester funny awkward name

Send me nudes when you get home funny meme

The everyday struggle sarcastic humor

My girlfriend is mad at me funny tweet – Funny meme collection

Type a text message that will make her smile for hours funny fail

Funny fact about left handed people

If we run out of something put it on the refrigerator funny husband meme

Calling a meeting with your team of hoes funny meme

There are two kinds of horses funny meme

Loving couple in the toilet funny meme – Funny meme collection

How will you die funny quiz

Who said I like you funny tweet

You make a mean steak funny cartoon

Standing when the national anthem plays funny twitter comment

Grandpa owed money to Jabba the Hutt funny tweet

ET misses his own planet funny gif – Funny meme collection

Funny Christopher and Tigger cartoon

You’re so ugly that when you give head adult humor

Samsung users be like funny meme

Fifteen years old text messaging these days funny fail

Buffering funny 20th century fox parody – Funny meme collection

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