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Sunday laughter collection – Procrastination material

Sunday laughter collection – By now, many of us have already started to grieve our beloved weekend as we feel the latter slowly but surely slipping away from us. Come on people, brighten up, it will be back we promise! In the meantime though, in order to soften the blow a tad, why not dig into our latest collection of lighthearted Sunday pictures? Procrastination is the name of the game here.

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a rollicking PMSLweb moment!

Don't call me funny meme - Sunday laughter collection

It's totally ok to be a douchebag funny book cover

Funny prehistoric dildo meme

Bless me father for I have farted humor

Girls try to look like they attended the last supper funny meme

Funny illumina tea - Sunday laughter collection

Funny brushing armpit hair gif

I was born to be wild funny quote

Funny scoliosis comment

The internet is about to shut down forever meme

Wait for it funny gif - Sunday laughter collection

Funny spray tanning Trump photo

Remember the brown paper bag meme

 Airplane security guidelines funny Neil deGrasse Tyson meme

No titties for you funny Jesus gif

A husband and wife do their shopping joke - Sunday laughter collection

When you're deleting songs from your playlist funny meme

Don't force your children into a career funny tweet

When you get into a fight with bae funny text

When she orders a salad and starts stealing your fries sarcastic humor

Answering this bitch like a boss funny text message

Parenting in public versus at home funny meme

When you see a huge spider next to your feet funny NSFW meme

Hundreds of meters under the sea scientists have discovered the booty humor

While you're arguing over pizza funny meme - Sunday laughter collection

It's Monday funny gif

My favorite fashion style funny meme

 Have you ever looked at someone's Facebook status sarcastic humor

Washing a spoon be like funny gif  - Sunday laughter collection

How to win an argument online humor

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