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Funny Monday balderdash – Jocular pictures and memes

Funny Monday balderdash – Ready to kick start a new week? Yeah, we didn’t actually think so, but let’s be honest, you don’t really have much of a choice don’t you? Anyway, please allow us to attempt to soften the infamous Monday blow a tad by treating you to a stroll (or should we say a scroll) through our latest gallery of funny Monday nonsense. Hilarious pics and riotous memes await you as of now so without further ado it’s time to dig in!

Wishing you a productive new week and a kick-ass PMSLweb moment!

What day is it funny Monday gif - Funny Monday balderdash

You want some duck funny meme

When strawberries talk shit behind your back funny meme

 Wang Liqin funny Asian name

Grating cheese like a boss funny gif

When she starts eating your fries after saying she wasn't hungry funny adult meme

The future of iPhones funny meme - Funny Monday balderdash

Why does she have two right feet funny meme

Have you tried suicide funny Microsoft band fail

Judging you in hipster funny meme

I went to test out my camera zoom funny adult meme

Funny Trump supporter tweet fail

Fear the cat butt funny cat meme - Funny Monday balderdash

McDonalds abducting cows funny cartoon

Idaho man gets fidget spinner stuck in his anus funny news

How long is life going to fuck me sarcastic humor

Clitoria flower humor

iPhones need a new feature funny tweet

Did I ask you to speak funny sarcastic meme

Fun fact your earlobes line up with your nipples - Funny Monday balderdash

Live each day as if it was the last one funny cartoon

Dick pics are capitalism funny post

Baby wipes are great to have in the bathroom adult humor

Say something sexy in French funny text message

Lazy eye who wore it better funny meme - Funny Monday balderdash

Whiskey gives you balls funny meme

Funny Sonic roast me

Fuk Man the superhero you deserve sarcastic humor

I'm pregnant and don't know who the dad is funny Facebook fail

Turtles can breathe out their butts sarcastic humor

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