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TGIF nonsense collection – Riotous pics and memes

TGIF nonsense collection – Well, well, well, guess who made it to the weekend?! – Ok, Ok, we know that you may not be concerned, but hey be sport and play along, will you! So thank goodness Friday is finally here and the time has definitely come to put any work related stress aside and focus on your well-being for the next 48h. Not sure where to start? Just follow the guide and discover our latest collection of hilarious pictures and memes; satisfaction guaranteed!

Wishing you a brilliant weekend ahead and a farcical PMSLweb moment!

It's Friday funny sarcastic gif  - TGIF nonsense collection

Let's split up funny adult scoobidoo cartoon

Remember when we had to smack the TV sarcastic humor

Moms before you walk into the store funny meme

Surprise Alien birthday funny cartoon

Learn live and go fuck yourself sarcastic humor

Heart vs brain vs alcohol humor - TGIF nonsense collection

What are your plans for the weekend funny gif

Funny mother's day kneepads sale

The word homeowner has meow in it funny tweet

 Funny 2017 guide on how to help

Why you should spell check before ordering a fidget spinner meme

That guy waiting for you just around the corner funny meme

Facebook of lies funny book cover - TGIF nonsense collection

Find a woman with a brain funny adult advice

Period pizza funny advertising design fail

Beyonce made a song called single ladies funny tweet

Walmart is the gate to hell Tumblr humor

Remember when your mom could do a 360 and beat your ass funny comment

Let me memorize your face football season is starting funny card

Band aids are bitch stickers sarcastic humor

Brakes are coward pedals funny meme - TGIF nonsense collection

Call me your dirty savior funny Jesus meme

There is a special place in hell for lighter thieves funny meme

Santa can no longer handle the cold funny meme

Perfect gift for those who easily get offended sarcastic humor

Helen Keller reading 50 shades of gray funny adult meme

When I ask myself what bad decisions I could take this weekend funny gif

Anatomy of the feminist mind humor - TGIF nonsense collection

Sometimes I agree with people so that they'll stop talking sarcastic humor

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