Funny Monday mocking – Kickstarting a week of balderdash

Funny Monday mocking – When it comes to softening the moral blow one must endure when Monday strikes, sadly enough solutions tend to be limited. Nonetheless, there still is a well know fix accessible to all: humor; and over the past years the Internet has become its number one provider for sure.24/7 the World Wide Web will never let you down when it comes to rubbing in your face all the latest available nonsense… Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a place to start your mischievous weekly journey, our latest edition of Monday funnies has just gone live so please feel free to scroll a little further.

Wishing you a wonderful new week and a jokey PMSLweb moment!

Sarcastic Monday greetings gif – Funny Monday mocking

I found a pokemon humor

When people send thoughts and prayers meme

Veni Vidi F*ck you

Accidently stepped in shit Trump humor

Paul Walker Pokemon Go humor – Funny Monday mocking

The stupidest thing I’ll read all day sarcastic meme

Some people aren’t really what they post to be funny quote

Funny when you get the 30s Youtube advert

The difference between want and need funny quote

How Iceland’s national football team were selected humor

Finding clitoris humor – Funny Monday mocking

People keep saying the book is better than the movie funny quote

Funny when a song has different singing parts

I spend about 80$ a year watching bananas turn brown

People go out looking for Pokemons but won’t look for a job funny quote

Dear Stan funny game of Thrones meme

Maybe Houston has problems too humor – Funny Monday mocking

Meet my dad the worst cook on the planet adult humor

Sarcastic double dipping chips quote

When I’m on my period sarcastic humor

Nope and noper Trump Clinton humor

Funny hangnail cartoon – Funny Monday mocking

Funny come over my parents aren’t home cactus edition

My favorite musical instrument humor

Funny figs diagram

Relax I’m a doctor not a priest humor

Funny sarcastic problem solving flowsheet

Funny take away versus fancy food prices – Funny Monday mocking

I’m about to develop a serious reading problem humor

I choose avocados similarly to how I choose boyfriends funny tweet

The Samuel L Jackson 5 humor

Copy your bullshit paste somewhere else sarcasm

No McDonald’s for you funny comment

Having coffee with my crush funny meme – Funny Monday mocking

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