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Funny Sunday balderdash – A jocular picture collection

Funny Sunday balderdash – A bit less than a week to go before the falalalala celebrations hit us. Normally by now, you will have felt a quite significant positive upturn as far as your general mood is concerned, and the latter phenomenon should persist for the next two week (until January 2nd to be precise). Eager to put your funny bone to the test and make any necessary adjustments? Our latest collection of jocular Sunday pictures is now live, so why not dig in?

Wishing you a delightful Sunday and a chillax PMSLweb moment!

Funny vintage flying fuck - Funny Sunday balderdash

Funny flexible gender identity

Bae come over Byzantium edition funny meme

Fight children with diabetes funny sign fail

When a guy likes a few of a girl’s pictures funny meme

Always follow your dreams funny hooters fail – Funny Sunday balderdash

Funny Bette Midler tweets

If you think you look old check out Abba funny meme

Only you can go f*ck yourself sarcastic smokey bear humor

I have no idea how old I am funny meme

Funny jeans size fail – Funny Sunday balderdash

Funny sarcastic eating an apple animation

Dude with the weakest pull out game funny meme

Trump hires Hannibal Lecter funny meme – Funny Sunday balderdash

Cheers to all my haters sarcastic meme

When someone asks to use my phone funny meme

Funny life lesson on discounts

Funny Game of Thrones bookshelf reorganization

Cat headbutt’s Robert Smith funny gif

Star Wars sequels funny Mark Hamill tweet – Funny Sunday balderdash

This man investigates the existence of the Loch Ness monster funny tweet

Colorful vaginas on Sesame Street adult humor

When you post all I want for Christmas is you funny meme

Look how pretty you are funny mirror prank

When you forget someone’s name funny graph

Funny Spiderman toy jacking off fail – Funny Sunday balderdash

Blurring out the baby in a photo funny meme

I told my boss three companies were after me joke

Funny Indian airport sign fail

Funny alcoholic Christmas carol singers meme

Funny sarcastic f*ck off folks – Funny Sunday balderdash

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