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Funny Sunday pics – Let us procrastinate

Funny Sunday pics – With Christmas and the New Year landing on Sundays as far as the upcoming celebrations are concerned, we truly only have three “standard” ones left to laze through. It may seem hard to believe, but in order to make the most of the latter, procrastinating can require talent and a tad organization. Have you made a check-list of everything that you absolutely have no intention of doing today and/or do you have a rough idea of how exactly you are going to kill time during the next few hours? If ever you strictly have no idea of where to start, may we suggest checking out our latest edition of Sunday funniness? A Sunday without laughter doesn’t seem like a very serious/thoughtful plan anyway, so…

Wishing you a chillax Sunday and a smile-tainted PMSLweb moment!

It’s good to get the wind in your face funny cartoon – Funny Sunday pics

Cartoon character will do anything to give her his heart awesome animation

It looks like you’re writing nonsense funny clippy meme

I’m not an alcoholic funny meme

That’s how condoms work funny meme

Funny bondage and fetish joke – Funny Sunday pics

He sees you when you’re drinking funny Christmas quote

I found what you were looking for sarcastic meme

How New York kids play with cars funny meme

Your crush, his entourage and you funny cat meme

Taking screenshots in Soviet Russia funny meme

My name is Reek funny Trump meme – Funny Sunday pics

Let me f*cking save you funny gif

Killing Castro 2016 hold my beer funny Facebook status

When you make a grammar mistake on the internet funny meme

Truth about clickbait funny comic

Elephant went swimming funny cartoon

Sleeping with your Pikachu versus sleeping with your machoke funny meme

Discover the new musky hooha fragrance funny meme – Funny Sunday pics

I’m happy to see my tax money go to visual arts meme

Drunk girls be like funny meme

When you name your company IDGAF funny meme

Funny lactose intolerant spelling fail

Journalists miss the old press conferences funny comic

Breaking up over smoke signals funny cartoon – Funny Sunday pics

Old man hires hitman to kill his wife funny joke

Trump in Star Wars humor

Funny hurt feelings report

Christianity funny sarcastic poster

Married my wife for her looks funny quote – Funny Sunday pics

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