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Funny Wednesday madness – Hilarious midweek pictures

Funny Wednesday madness – Once upon a time various courageous souls from all over our good old earth had finally reached the peak of their business week and desperately needed a safe place in order to finally catch a breath. Well aware of this, a dedicated team of Internet scavengers decided to give them a helping hand by submitting to their appreciation a kickass collection of funny pics and memes… these are their findings *dong dung*.

Wishing you a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Cow licks reporter's boob funny gif - Funny Wednesday madness

I think you are an idiot funny text message

What does this mean God funny sarcastic cartoon

Funny friends prescription box

I love the bitch funny kid's drawing fail

Pennywise has Nickelback funny meme

 Evolution of jeans funny meme - Funny Wednesday madness

When you're looking into a Pringles can funny meme

Me 5 seconds after ordering pizza funny meme

When your vegan friend doesn't clear his browser history funny meme

When the squad reunites to participate in shenanigans funny meme

 Call me baby funny text message - Funny Wednesday madness

Funny intimate hygiene product fail

Funny razor blades brand name fail

Funny arcade game Trump attack

You weren't even listening funny meme

This is why I have trust issues funny Facebook post

Never give up funny dog gif - Funny Wednesday madness

I almost shagged a lady boy in Thailand funny joke

Let's act like a complete asshole on the Internet sarcastic humor

I don't have an inner child sarcastic humor

Whoever she is texting is in trouble funny meme

Saudi man or yummy jam funny meme

Doing a whole 3 point turn to escape death funny gif - Funny Wednesday madness

Funny 10 room tent meme

Mom got married to my ex today funny meme

Don't put ads before first aid videos funny tweet

I am still waiting for the day my parents say funny meme

Look at my balls funny dog gif

Give the attention seeker its like sarcastic humor - Funny Wednesday madness

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