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Humorous picture collection – Happy weekend vibes

Humorous picture collection – Welcome to our latest edition of Friday guffaws and happy Cinco de Mayo; a food and booze fueled observance originally celebrated by our Mexican buddies to commemorate their victory over the French force during the battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862 (and no NOT to be confused their Independence day which will be celebrated on September 16th), but who has since also been adopted by many more….

Anyway, before letting you get stuck in, why slip into a more cheerful mood by checking out what we have in stock for you today!

Wishing you a glorious weekend ahead and a LOL-tainted PMSLweb moment!

Leaving work on Friday funny dog gif - Humorous picture collection

Funny female dragonflies tweet

What is this funny Jesus snapchat

This 4 looks like a man pooping funny meme

Mr Rogers did not prepare me for this neighbor funny meme

What motherhood is funny t-shirt

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When you read an email and go and read it from their perspective funny meme

Please tell me your boyfriend and you use condoms funny comment

You'll do funny sarcastic marriage vows

Finding out stripper poles spin in place funny quote

Funny Malaysian shampoo ad fail meme - Humorous picture collection

If you shopped online as you do in real life humor

It's not that he's evil funny cat gif

Dad made us do this funny meme

Give your seat to someone carrying something more important funny comment

Funny fake United Airlines guidelines

Funny sarcastic biblical Trump verse - Humorous picture collection

I've just realised that you're trying to spell insomnia funny comment

Know your bees funny meme

I'm about to create a new gender funny meme

When your friend shows up with their other friend you can't stand funny meme

Kissing grandma WTF did I just see funny post fail

Looks like a challenge funny urinal meme - Humorous picture collection

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Message to my blind followers funny fail

Women are like pipes humor

Funny Mexican bow meme

Juan Solo funny meme - Humorous picture collection

Feliz Cinco de Mayo sarcastic humor

A wise Chinese man once said sarcastic humor

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