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Hilarious Hump day – Bring it on camel

Hilarious hump day – Our virtual playground welcomes you to its midweek edition of nonsense. Hump day is always the perfect occasion to catch a breath after dealing with the week’s evil twins – Aka Monday & Tuesday – so feel free to dig into our latest selection of funnies before starting your journey back down mount Hump.

Wishing you a joyful PMSLweb moment!

Every time I cry they stick a tit in my mouth – Hilarious Hump day at

Funny feminist Mario at

Puberty hit her like a truck humor at

The moon is a tortilla funny tweet at

Are lobsters mermaids to scorpions humor at

Tom Anderson humor – Hilarious Hump day at

Funny lactose intolerant tweet at

I should have sucked his c*ck humor at

When deer have a better love life than you humor at

Funny sexist train fact at

Funny flu shot news fail at

Definition of a perfect body in 1955 at

Funny girlfriend and your money – Hilarious Hump day at

The internet will be full of pictures of dead cats at

Octopus joke fail at

How to celebrate Columbus day joke at

WTF feet at

Imagine a little girl instead of a little boy meme at

God’s career hilarious graph – Hilarious Hump day at

Story of my life cat meme at

Cat’s decision making tree at

To be seen or not to be tweet at

I wasn’t even that drunk funny text at

Keep scrolling elevator meme at

No messing with my video game, woman – Hilarious Hump day at

Funny spider web at

Funny drinking game at

A day on Jupiter’s moon lasts less than 5 hours meme at

Mocks parents for not understanding technology humor at

404 not found demotivational at

True love PS4 meme – Hilarious Hump day at

Rich and unmarried or poor and married funny kids talk at

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