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Silly pictures – Friday funnies coming up

Silly pictures – Because the transition between a hard working week and a wicked weekend must not be taken lightly, a wise move is to start working on spiking up your giggle-o-meter as of now. In order to do so, the Internet often turns out to be an efficient source of nonsense of all kind, and we hope that with the following collection of funnies, we won’t prove the prior statement wrong….

Wishing you a fantastic weekend in advance and a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny computer tutor advert – Silly pictures

Funny popcorn self control quote

Isis member selfie fail

But God she won’t even make me a sandwich

Mexican girlfriend date humor

Worst pattern carpeting for stairs humor

Funny gravity look alike – Silly pictures

I’m taking you up to the space ship humor

Funny Facebook gay ad fail

The power of pose humor

A wristwatch that counts down your life

Funny deer fact

Funny pussy undies – Silly pictures

Spiderman having some alone time

Funny Arabic texting while driving

Pancake overdose pun

When you forget your phone humor

I cannot run away from the pain humor

Cenosillicaphobia definition – Silly pictures

Funny minecraft house design look alike

Funny super cool fan

Funny KGB disappearing ink fail

Garbage truck love

Blue screen of death at the mall

Little mermaid lobster humor

When you’re a mom of boys funny

Funny respecting the Spanish N – Silly pictures

Wearing earbuds meme

Funny jogging tweet

If video games have taught me anything

Funny flu shot quote

Got your nose humor

Funny Titanic Adidas logo – Silly pictures

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