Hilarious Internet BS – Sunday funnies coming up

Hilarious Internet BS – Happy Sunday everyone! We hope that those of you who aren’t working throughout the weekend are making the most of the latter, and that those who are are hanging in there. In all cases, if ever you’re currently looking for an online destination to kill a few minutes and fuel up on a few quality chuckles, why not give our latest edition of Sunday funnies a shot? Chances are you won’t regret…

Wishing you a brilliant Sunday and a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Funny cat doormat humor - Hilarious Internet BS  @PMSLweb.com

Funny Egyptian cat god meme @PMSLweb.com

Sneetches get steeches sarcastic Dr Seuss humor @PMSLweb.com

You're not a real American until funny meme @PMSLweb.com

The sun in Texas Mario Bros meme @PMSLweb.com

You're not pregnant funny cheerleader meme - Hilarious Internet BS @PMSLweb.com

Aussie scientist flies to Switzerland to die funny sarcastic comment @PMSLweb.com

My wife's face on our wedding day vs when she met Rob Lowe funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Millions in cash found in empty Nigerian apartment funny comment @PMSLweb.com

New X-Men movie looks like shit funny tweet @PMSLweb.com

The lemonade stand wasn't making any profit funny adult peanuts meme @PMSLweb.com

Cat shits in my rice funny tweet - Hilarious Internet BS @PMSLweb.com

This will be the last dick pic I ever send funny Stan meme @PMSLweb.com

Giving the less full drink to your sibling funny meme @PMSLweb.com

He just realized he's a redneck funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Stop asking people to pray for you sarcastic humor @PMSLweb.com

Hair is the thinnest thing in the world funny comment- Hilarious Internet BS @PMSLweb.com

When your mama told you to be quiet funny meme @PMSLweb.com

When something happens it's always you three religion humor @PMSLweb.com

Should I leave her now funny food meme @PMSLweb.com

We get it you vape funny meme @PMSLweb.com

I just think it's funny Egyptian meme @PMSLweb.com

I accidentally ate a hal and peenyo funny fail - Hilarious Internet BS @PMSLweb.com

In the collection don't name your kids Clint funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Relax, it's just a hairless puppy funny adult meme @PMSLweb.com

I called my wife from my friend's phone funny tweet @PMSLweb.com

Weed versus Dandelions funny meme - Hilarious Internet BS @PMSLweb.com

Photographer creates beautiful past scenes funny inappropriate meme @PMSLweb.com

When Netflix asks if you are still there funny meme @PMSLweb.com

Been wearing it wrong this whole time funny Walmart meme @PMSLweb.com

E.T the extra testicle funny fail - Hilarious internet BS @PMSLweb.com

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