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Hilarious picture dump – Wednesday funnies

Hilarious picture dump – Happy Hump day everyone, and in order to worthily celebrate the peak of our beloved business week, please allow us to share with you the latest nonsense we’ve come accross these past few days while redundantly scavenging the good ol’ World Wide Web. Funny pics, riotous posts and rib-tickling memes are the name of the game in our all new Wednesday funnies edition, so buckle up and let’s start scrolling shall we?

Wishing you a kick-ass PMSLweb moment!

Two massive pigeons looking for their cars funny meme  - Hilarious picture dump

How you know someone's fighting funny meme

The generation that doesn't know MySpace funny comment

Funny Greenpeace tweet comment

What's the first song you're playing on these speakers funny meme

WTF is going on here funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

If having a coffee in the morning doesn't wake you up funny tweet

Patrick Stewart gives the worst presents funny comment

When she finally goes to sleep without makeup funny meme

Funny backseat driver meme - Hilarious picture dump

How much allowance did you get as a teen funny comment

Why do people think Jesus is coming back funny meme

I live with an idiot funny meme

Funny Indian tech support meme

When sugar daddy shits himself funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

Frankenstein's monster has Bruce Jenner's dick funny meme

 How the Brits plan on getting back America funny tweet

Funny orthodox chews taffy bag

Funny national bird of Nigeria Google search result - Hilarious picture dump

Man kicked out of McDonalds for putting his dick in a burger funny news

When you walk past a co-worker you don't know very well funny meme

Do you pronounce it data or data funny comment - Hilarious picture dump

She gives hand careers funny meme

You're a dumbass funny sarcastic grammar lesson

Come over grandma I'm hungry funny meme

He's a sad afghan funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

Where do you see yourself in 50 years funny sarcastic meme

Whoopi Goldberg does not have eyebrows funny meme

Funny Facebook weekly magazine

My girlfriend immediately said no funny meme - Hilarious picture dump

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